Filming Equipment

Hire Equipment for Films in Sydney

Choosing the right camera is a crucial part of making your film all it can be. At Film Studio of Sydney, we help cinematographers, directors and one-man-band filmmakers get access to cutting-edge equipment and accessories, ensuring that their next project is off on the right foot. Whether for a blockbuster demanding multiple angles or a solo documentarist or news crew, we can support your next project with state-of-the-art cameras sourced from the most respected designers and manufacturers in digital cinema.

We understand that project budget can often compete with artistic vision; we’re filmmakers ourselves. We want to make it easy for directors on all budgets to access the very best the industry has to offer, so we keep our hire rates competitive and affordable. Regardless of the size or the scale of the production, you’ll be able to find a camera ideally suited to your needs and budget.

Choose from state-of-the-art cameras and accessories

Film Studio of Sydney provides industry standard filming equipment to ensure the quality of production. To better meet the needs of both small and large projects, our company stocks and recommends the Blackmagic URSA, the first-user upgradeable 4.6K digital film camera. Built locally by Melbourne’s Blackmagic Design, the URSA is designed to smoothly integrate into and streamline your on-set workflow. Its all-in-one design makes it ideal for both solo projects and full DOP/camera assistant/audio engineer teams, making collaboration easier than ever before.

Our range includes:

  • Film Camera: EOS 5D, URSA
  • Mini Camera: GoPro
  • Camera Accessories: Lens, Teleprompter, Monitoring, Tripod, etc.

Delivering the best for local creatives

Our studio provides the expertise, gear and crew you need to make your next photographic or film project a reality. Offering industry-leading studio space and equipment at affordable rates, we make it simple for even the smallest indie film to get the support it needs to flourish.

Please contact us if you want to learn more information. Email us at [email protected] or send us a message through our enquiry page, or call the studio on +61 430 435 000 or +61 2 8068 2655 to speak directly to our friendly, knowledgeable staff.